Monday, August 13, 2007


Day in day out without a doubt, I don't know what to do

no love respect or passion, do I ever feel from you.

I cook and clean and care for all, my work it never ends

and when ones feelings do get hurt, it me who makes amends

I get up in the late night hours, so you can get some sleep

I do this out of love for you, and try to keep the peace

My body now is not so young, and tired I do get

I hide my pain from all to see, lonely tears I've alone wept

It seems you do not see me, for the person that I am

Always I am telling myself, I can, I can, I can.

There is no meaningful talks, or a loving gesture

all that fills my heart, is sadness that does festor.

My life is feels so empty, no happiness do I see

I want to crawl in a corner, and there be left to be.

For you it may not matter, like nothing is wrong

It is always me, who has to stand there being strong.

The strength is slowly leaves me, no more can I now do

what happens next with all of this, is now left up to you.


written by: Cindy L. Sawn  August 2007